Tonight was the interview everyone is waiting for since it was first announced on Sunday that 20/20 had sat down with Charlie Sheen and had a conversation with my husband. In what can only quickly be described as jaw-dropping, here are some my ten thoughts from the interview with Sheen for dinner.

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Over the years, conspiracy theories surrounding Marilyn’s death have increased. The official stance of the L.A coroner’s office is suicide by overdosing on Nembutal. She’d overdosed on pills 4x before and was for you to have sudden mood shots. The problem with this, however is that Marilyn was a student in good spirits at time of her death, even allegedly doing their best with Joe Dimaggio about their remarriage. Also, some forensic scientists have disputed the coroner’s conclusion, saying how the Nembutal in the system was initially digesting through out the day- not minutes or a lot.

However, the women in Justin’s life may well not like concept too a lot. Both Justin’s mother, Pattie Mallette, and rumored girlfriend, are yet to comment on The Biebs hitting within the Playboy Mansion.

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